Letter: De-amalgamation


I REFUSE to accept that we in the rural areas of the Toowoomba Regional Council do not have the necessary courage to proceed with a similar and sensible de-amalgamation, just as the eight shires in Queensland have successfully and jubilantly completed two years ago.  

The facts are as follows:  

1. All of the other successfully de-amalgamated shires had similar hurdles to us, but sustained with the necessary pressure for this worthy cause and succeeded. Our forced amalgamation of eight councils into one, was the worst in Queensland.  

2. The current L.G. Minister has for the first time allowed this decision to go back to the ordinary voting people to decide. Why can't that occur now?   

3. We in Queensland now have a rare minority government, which seem to be listening to the less influential, instead of the powerful lobby groups, who have firmly controlled almost all political decisions in Queensland for several decades.  

4. We have the unconditional support from the Katter's Australia Party in our plight to de-amalgamate our rural shire, if the people demonstrate a similar wish to do so, as the other eight shires have done in recent years.  

5. It is false to say that de-amalgamation is too difficult or too expensive.

Cross entity utilisation of resources and infrastructure is common in medium to large organisations and pro rata ownership of assets is also very common and simple to facilitate.  

6. The future rural local authority may not be the best, but it will definitely be much better than what we have now.  

I urge people to make contact with the Darling Downs Shire Steering Committee led by Ian Jones (former Clifton Shire Mayor).

As I see it, it needs legs and very vocal voices to convey the entire message to the public and more importantly to implement the simple question to all of the candidates standing."

Will you support this cause? Yes or no". We will then all know who to vote for before 19th March.

I firmly believe candidates standing on the clear platform to support this sensible de-amalgamation will be successful.  


Kev Perks, Kate St,

Clifton   Fluoride



Noosa Mayor Playford announced a zero % rate rise for recently deamalgamated  residents of the Shire.

Speaking on Channel Seven Sunshine Coast television the mayor said that thanks to deamalgamation the Shire  had been able to effect economies of management without the liability of supporting an expensive mega council.

Productivity had improved and residential pride returned to the people. Acknowledgements to localnews@seven.com.au & RECLAIM CABOOLTURE INC.