I guess that the obvious question to the council is, "If we need an infrastructure charge to be added to our current rate bill, what are the funds being used for that are already being paid by way of the General Rates charge R1"?

G &H.

Hi Dennis,  

Hope you will be back on deck soon Dennis because we are about to get Screwed again by the MBRC. In the Wednesday's Caboolture News on page 13 was a very small section at the top of the page announcing there would be a new  Infrastructure charge coming with this years rates that would be a separate charge.

I have made enquiries and it is not to build the Train Line but to be spent on roads and drains, and will be a $ 52charge on every property . I have since sent a comment back to the Caboolture News which hopefully will be printed next week.

Seeing as the recent Council elections were largely fought on cost of living savings for families, it is a breach of Faith in my view they would force this new Tax upon us. Can't help bad luck I suppose, and we can't do much about it. All details released at 2 pm to morrow so I believe.  

Regards, Tony.

Have you been asking Unity Water why the sewage access and the water access fees have jumped so much since they took control.

I am not talking about the fee for water usage as i know that has gone through the roof.

In March this year when Council still had control the Water access fees were $276 per year and the Sewage access fee was $483 per year.

Now since Unity Water took over they have raised the price to: Water access fee is $334 per year and the sewage access fee is $719 per year.

Those fees have nothing to do with water costs.







Re:  Unity Water Chairman, Him Soorley's comments of July 18th at Ratepayers protest meeting.


Jim Soorley's comment "The reality is you have had subsidised water for 20 years but its over and it ain't going to happen anymore"  -  where has Jim Soorley been for the past 50 years??  For all that time and long before Governments have been providing subsidies for the provision of town water or reticulated water supplies and also the connection to sewerage where possible.  Why have they done this?  -  because water is the basic commodity of life, without which we cannot survive and the use of sewerage is one of the major improvements to our health.  Subsidies of up to 40% have been paid out to Councils for major projects and these subsidies are fair because these facilities are available to anyone visiting without cost.  With the introduction of the National Competition Policy in 1998 the Councils were allowed to make huge profits from the operation of the water and sewerage facilities.  In 1999, Jim Soorley was the instigator of the arrangement between the State Government and the Councils in South East Queensland to take control of water supplies and sewerage rather than them being controlled by private enterprise.  In 1999 I was one of the Mayors who sat around a table at Parliament House and agreed to that proposal.  On returning to the Caboolture Council I organised a resolution "that all profits made from the operation of the water and sewerage facilities stay within the water and sewerage fund to be used for future upgrading of these facilities"  This was overturned after 2000.


J.T. (Tom) McLoughlin


Deception Bay


Time to make Moreton council accountable they control the newspapers, so no bad news ever gets out, please feel free to tell me I am wrong and post the articles, they refuse to show people where the money is being spent, they spend tens of thousands of dollars with local government association with what return, the ceo changes the headings of the budget each year so nobody can follow the money trail, who is questioning the Pine rivers led faction? Nobody, we the ratepayers are being treated as fools.