Association By-Laws

BY-LAWS – Ratepayers Action Group Association Incorporated  (RAGMB) @ 18/12/13 

 1. In reference to the Association’s rule No.32 – the Ratepayers Action Group Moreton Bay Association is to be conducted as a Level 3 Incorporated Association.

2. Elections for the executive members of the Management Committee will be held at the annual general meeting in October each year. The positions to be elected will be President, Secretary & Treasurer.

3. Membership period shall commence on 1st January each year for a period of 12 months.  Membership for less than 12 months will be charged on a pro-rata basis.  The Management Committee has the authority to set and alter membership fees.

4. A person can be a member of the association and exercise voting rights at the general meetings of the association provided that they are:

(a) a person who pays residential or commercial rates to Moreton Bay Regional Council

(b) an ordinary member of a similar action group, as deemed by the Management Committee, and not an office holder of that particular group.

5. A councillor of Moreton Bay Regional Council cannot be an office holder of RAGMB.

6. The association will encourage and permit the formation of branches of the association covering different geographical areas of the Morton Bay Regional Council.

7. The committee of each branch will consist of the following office bearers: Chairperson, Secretary, Membership Officer and at least two other committee members.

8. The Chairperson of each branch will be an automatic delegate to the Management Committee.

9. Elections of branch office bearers and the second branch delegate from each branch to the Management Committee will be held in August  of each year.                                                                                                  

10. Should a branch Chairperson or the branch’s second delegate be unable to attend a Management Committee meeting, they may nominate a proxy delegate to attend. This is not to be a standing arrangement.

11. The Management Committee will have the sole power to nominate spokespersons to speak on behalf of the association.

12. The Management Committee will have the sole power to award honorary memberships for a period of 12 months.

13. No person can give out paperwork or solicit any member’s personal details at a RAGMB organized function including branch meetings, without the prior approval of a member of the Management Committee.

14. Non-members can only speak for two minutes on any topic at a branch meeting.

15. A non-member attending their third branch meeting are required to apply to become a member                                                                                                                                                        

16. Details of auditors appointed by the association will be included in Annual General Meeting minutes.