Court Result

Yesterday at Redcliffe Courthouse, RAG President Dennis Austen secured a victory over Unitywater for one of his landlord's ( see details of the case below ) . It was very interesting because four of Unitywater's staff attended including an engineer which the Magistrate did call & a solicitor who sat a an observer.

The Magisrate was told how many fulltime staff & how many kilometres of pipes Unitywater look after. All the technical infomation was supplied our plumber (Who is ex-Unitywater & it was quite obvious the Unitywater staff did not have a clue what he was talking about.

Whilest victory is claimed only 70% of the claim was awarded. The claim been the should have been for more. 

One must question why this case was not settled months ago when an appoach was made to the chaiman of Unitywater via councillor James Houghton.

The case was simple Unitywater did not provide a reasonable service.




Tenants at a high set property situated in Anzac Avenue, Redcliffe have contacted Unitywater on several occasions to address a major issue they are having with their water supply.

The tenants state their water supply is erratic, with it cutting out many times each day for up to 40 minutes.  This has been an ongoing issue since April, since then Unitywater replaced their water meter twice.  An example was provided where on Tuesday 15th July the following times were recorded:

Off                         On

8.30am                  8.45

8.55                       9.00

9.02                       9.05

9.30                       9.36

9.45                       9.47

10.00                     10.01

10.18                     10.20

10.40                     10.43

11.50                     12.30pm

12.38                     1.00

1.10                       1.15

1.20                       1.25

3.10                       3.15

6.15                       6.17

6.35                       6.40

6.50                       7.00

7.55                       8.00

8.15                       8.25

9.05                       9.10

11.15pm                 11.20

Unitywater initially organised for a replacement meter,then another and subsequently the plumber who replaced the water meter stated the loss of pressure was due to galvinised pipes.  This has been proven false as upon further inspection the pipes are copper. 

Furthermore, Unitywater has been charging for 100% service, but as can be seen by this above example, it would difficult for these people to plan their basic hygiene and cooking needs based around this erratic timetable, leading us to believe that the service has not been appropriately provided as expected of a professional specialist company. Unitywater should reimburse paid dues and investigate and fix the problem immediately ( fixed in September ).

Dennis Austen, President of the Ratepayers Action Group Moreton Bay, has stated that he approached the CEO of Unitywater before releasing this to the press in an effort to try and sort the problem, but no reply was received. 

Furthermore, owing to their lack of response, this matter is now before the court.  The Ratepayers Action Group would be interested to hear from any other ratepayers in the Moreton Bay region that are having similar problems with their water supply. 

Mister Real Estate whom is representing the owner has asked for adjournment to February to allow for time for the court summons to be served in order to obtain Unitywater records & staff to attend court proceeding.

The present court hearing will take place on March, Redcliffe courthouse.Unitywater are refusing to accept court notices on behalf of their workers . The CEO George Theo will now accept a court notice . 

The reason for the summons is to obtain compensation for the tenant ( one quarter"s water bill ) ; payment for the plumber 's bill ( $550 ); & $200 for the agents time.

Unitywater has admitted they were at fault.

ONE HAS TO WONDER WHY UNITYWATER WANT TO FIGHT THIS ACTION IN COURT ? Unitywater claimes they can only give $250 compensation for sewerage problems under their act of parliament & this is a water problem.

Unity is a caring organisation is owned by the Council that cares about themselves not the customers.

Ther will be another court action following this one about a small subdivision at Morayfield.