Welcome to The Ratepayers Action Group Moreton Bay Association Inc. IA 54155

Enough is Enough

Five years ago, groups of Redcliffe and Caboolture ratepayers met separately to discuss their concerns about a number of local issues. One issue in particular dominated the two groups discussions and that was the concerns expressed in relation to increases in rates, fees and charges and loss of discounts in relation to rates levied by the newly amalgamated Moreton Bay Regional Council. These discussions prompted a subsequent protest meeting by the Caboolture group outside the Moreton Bay Regional Council Chambers in Caboolture in November 2009 .

Since the first meeting at Redcliffe in October 2009, the Ratepayers Action Group has come a long way.  Some of our achievements include:

  • 5 large protest meetings at which Councillors, the Mayor, Local Members and Unitywater attended
  • Good press coverage - 15 Newspapers, many 3 or 4 times including front pages; 4 radio stations - one with over 40 announcements; and 4 TV stations - 12 viewings
  • Our website - averaging 3500 visitors per month
  • Information stalls - recently held at Lawnton, Samford, Woodford, Deception Bay, Bribie Island, Kippa Ring, Redcliffe and Morayfield
  • The establishment of a head office at Redcliffe
  • Influencing the Council to: introduce the water rebate, reconsider about charging investors rates to those ratepayers addressed at PO Boxes, and having some individual cases of assisting to get rates and water bills reduced. 
  • Influencing the Council for a second year in a row to keep the full water rebate.
  • Influencing the State Government to cap the Water Access Fees;water usage & Sewerage Charges to the CPI for two years
  • Supporting a local candidate for the Redcliffe By- election.

However, like any group that is new to form, we have had our problems, such as the LNP attempting to prevent branch formation at Arana Hills, the Caboolture Breakaway attempt, and some people trying to dominate our association aims.  Another group at Redcliffe has tried to damage one of our protest meetings.All of these we have overcome.

We are a recognised group - we have been mentioned in Queensland Parliament as LNP and supporters (we are a non-political group), and that we rent crowds; the Mayor has seen fit to visit the Presidents place of business on 3 occasions; Unitywater has invited our organisation to 3 functions and meetings; Council has invited us to a meeting.

The Ratepayers Action Group aims to set up a branch in each council division .  

The driving force that dominates our associations discussions are the concerns many ratepayers express with regard to increases in rates, fees ,charges and loss of discounts in relation to rates levied by the amalgamated Moreton Bay Regional Council & Unitywater. .                                       

Can we win? The short answer is ABSOLUTELY WE CAN! However, Rome was not built in a day. We promise you that it is our belief as is it of thousands of Moreton Bay's Ratepayers that it can be changed. The problem is keeping people motivated enough and to do the right thing to achieve the results we need.